Patent Search

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A great way to begin your innovation journey that provides insight about the current market status and gives right direction for your innovation strategy and investments.

This search is also known by its synonyms like Novelty search or state of the art search. This is a kind of search which every inventor should go for before filing a patent to access the novelty of the technology / product.

For every enthusiastic inventor, their ideas may always seem to be unique and patentable. However huge investments of money and energy go into the development of any new ideas and products. Therefore, it is recommended to go for a proper assessment of the technology before going further for a research or working further on the development of the technology. Patentability searches help a lot in this case. When a company spends a large amount of time, money and resource in research and development activities, it becomes essential to analyze the novelty and scope of inventions, prior to filing a patent. A patentability search done on the right time helps make effective business decisions and save several dollars involved in patent filing and maintenance. The purpose is to determine whether there are any previous patents or non-patents (prior art) that might prevent the inventor from patenting the idea.

Patentability search is performed in paid and non-paid patent databases. Relevant patents and non-patent literature which bears partial or complete similarity with the proposed invention is being identified by this activity. Patentability search is always performed worldwide.

At the end, you get a clear understanding of the current status of the technology/product in hand, which in turn ensures that you will be patenting something different. This kind of search gives a thorough understanding of the background of the invention that helps in better documentation of the invention and enhances the quality of the patent draft.